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Dynamic Minds

An Evidence Based
Developmental Model

Join Team Dynamic Minds on our mission to connect current brain based research to clinical practice to achieve success for you and your family. Families are turning towards a developmental approach to autism that builds relationships and connections. It is through these guiding relationships that dynamic growth and real positive outcomes occur. We strive for well being and a good quality of life for our families with our evidence based relationship model.

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A Developmental Approach to Autism

Providers of Comprehensive Care

We invite you to become a part of our growing and supportive community. At Team Dynamic Minds, we see our clients as a part of the family—and family is always our top priority. 

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Our Model:  RDI®

Relationship Development Intervention


Dynamic thinking begins with connection.  We grow and develop through our relationships with others.  When we feel safe and connected we form trusted bonds with our caregivers.  It is through that trusted relationship where we feel safe enough to explore our world.  Growth seeking motivation is ignited within us as we explore alongside our trusted guides. 

Growth seeking motivation moves us forward in our development.  Using our caregiver as a trusted guide we develop the foundations of co-regulation.   We learn it is safe and desirable to engage with others. We begin to enjoy these experiences as we feel more and more competent and resilient when co-experiencing life with our trusted guides.  We learn how to share our experiences, our thoughts, our intentions. 

Guides learn how to take a step back so we can explore our autonomy, and we develop a sense of self.  Our competence continues to develop as we seek out more and more challenge, our dynamic growth is taking shape.


Dynamic growth and development is the path to autonomy.  We learn how to dynamically adapt to our world. We learn how to be in a relationship, we develop the ability to manage uncertainty, become flexible, problem solve with multiple solutions, adapt to change, make plans, set goals, save our experiences, use the knowledge we learn to navigate life as we connect past, present and future experiences.  Autonomy, relatedness and well being is our ultimate goal.  Quality of life is the end result. We achieve all of this within a connected guiding relationship. 


RDI provides the roadmap to establish this crucial guiding relationship.  As you learn how to guide your child, together, you will have a new experience of your relationship.  Every child is different, based on your family's unique needs you will learn how to set up guiding engagements to build dynamic foundations, activate internal motivation and begin a journey of growth and dynamic development. Team Dynamic Minds will work with you, side by side, every step of the way setting goals and objectives on your journey to success.

For added support, RDI Extenders are available to work one on one with your child. Team Dynamic Minds is here to support you with whatever needs you have.

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Changing the Narrative

Empowering families! Empowering children! Empowering adults!

We ARE the new story of Autism.


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The Best Version of You!


We do not want our kids to mask who they are.  We do want them to develop a sense of self as competent, resilient human beings capable of all they want to achieve.  Our goal is long term quality of life:






Good mental health and more!

Our kids deserve the opportunities afforded everyone to live happy and fulfilled lives and to become whoever they want to be!

Let us show you the way, the RDI way.

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