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The RDI Model

A Developmental Family Based Approach

At Team Dynamic Minds, we are your trusted partners in your autism journey. Our founder, Kristine Mastronardi,  started her RDI journey in 2005 with her son Jake, who is now a proud Autistic Advocate.  Our practices are dedicated to providing quality care by offering the highest level of service for your family.


Relationship Development Intervention

Our Goal Is To Restore The Experience Guiding Relationship

Through this guiding relationship we develop intrinsic motivation, set the stage for growth, ignite the desire for challenge and instill a love of life long learning.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Family Consultation Program

We Are So Glad You Are Here

The Family Consultation Program empowers you to learn how to be a guide, and begins your journey towards well being for your family. Your RDI Consultant will guide you every step of the way, setting goals and objectives and modeling for you with hands on, in person activities and virtual trainings.  RDI Extenders are available to assist you to reduce any parental stress as well as generalize what is being learned. Your team will be customized to your family's unique needs and is lead by a Certified RDI Consultant. We are here to help and we are so glad you are here!

Happy Teens

Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum

A Happier, Healthier You

The Dynamic Intelligence Program continues your journey towards dynamic thinking, problem solving, mindful decision making and the mental tools necessary to navigate a complex and messy world.

Additionally, older teens and adults will learn how to use their experiences in a productive way. They will learn mental tools such as using self talk, reflecting on their experiences, planning and preparing for challenging situations, setting goals and more.

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